One of the world’s largest SS7 hubs was hacked. What does that mean?

People outside of the telecom industry have probably never heard of Syniverse, even though they probably use the service every day. Many press reports are describing Syniverse as an “SMS-handling company”, but what they do is really much bigger than that, the telecom equivalent of the world’s largest internet exchange…

Get a second opinion.

Outdoor coverage estimate for a 2G DCS1800 test cell in the SOMA district of San Francisco. Most of the coverage on this map is on rooftops, not at street level. This coverage estimate was verified with measurements, which were found to be consistent with signal levels on this map. Image by the author. Obviously, this is not a nice, neat circle.

Many of the calls I get from attorneys are requests for the analysis of cellphone records to determine the location of a phone at some given time. The analysis can resolve questions of fact, but lazy thinking and easy answers are giving cell tower data a bad name.


When done…

The things we miss

At least eight different seafood recipes piled on one plate, with catfish, shrimp, blue crab, and oysters. Breaux Bridge, Louisiana.

I am from the US. I live in Romania. Barring some new COVID nightmare, I will visit the US again this Fall, for the first time in over two years. I will start in San Francisco and leave through Washington, DC. And I will see family and old friends along…

Your smartphone probably cannot be secured.

Graphics from the cover of purported Pegasus marketing material.

The following comments are based my own experience with some of the tools and techniques used in Pegasus, on reports from Citizens Lab and Amnesty International, and information from purported Pegasus marketing materials, all viewed through the eyes of someone who has worked in signals intelligence and who has held…

David Allen Burgess

I have worked in telecom since 1998, in both SIGINT and in commercial equipment. I also do expert work in legal cases, see

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